Argyll Tourer 1914

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144 argyll tourer 1927Argyll Motors Ltd, Scotland

These were excellent and popular cars which helped make Argyll at one time the fifth biggest motor vehicle manufacturer in Britain. This Argyll is fitted with a streamlined torpedo body, scuttle dash and Cape Cart hood. Price when new was ?495

4 cylinders, 15/30 Burt-McCollum single sleeve valve, 80 mm bore, 130 mm stroke, 2610 cc.

Austin 7 Chummy 1927

139 austin 7 chummy 1927Austin Motor Co Ltd, England

The Austin 7 was introduced in 1922 and 300,000 were produced without any major modification until 1937. It was built in Germany, France, America and even Japan. This “Chummy” is one of the most original 7’s in existence, retaining its original hood, upholstery and body paint. Its first owner, Mr Harry Wood of Wellington, averaged 62.5 mpg in an economy run.

4 cylinders, 7 hp, 56 mm bore, 76 mm stroke, 748 cc, 4-wheel brakes.

Austin 7 Ruby Saloon 1937

067 austin 7Austin Motor Co Ltd, England

The Ruby, like the Opal and the Pearl, was part of a revised range of Austin 7’s introduced in August 1934. The new model differed from the original shape with its rounded radiator shell and more streamlined body. Syncromesh, first offered in 1933, was now fitted to second gear as well. Production of the Ruby ceased in 1937.

4 cylinders, 7 hp, 56 mm bore, 76 mm stroke, 748 cc.

Austin FX4 Taxi 1970

cars A 002Austin Motor Co Ltd, England

The FX4 taxi was introduced in 1958, with the body made by Carbodies of Coventry on an Austin chassis powered by an Austin diesel engine. This model was the first London taxi to be fitted with 4 doors, and the first to have hydraulic brakes.

Austin 2.2 ltr diesel with Borg-Warner automatic transmission.

Akitv Snow Mobile


Built around a single cylinder Briggs & Stratton engine, this snowmobile is an example of one of the earliest motorised “sleds”, it’s rubber belt tracks and “ski” steering providing fast, effortless transport in the snow.

531 cc, 4 cycle engine, 16 hp at 3600 rpm.

Austin 8 1948

066 austinAustin Motor Co Ltd, England

This exhibit was donated by Mr Gary Cauton. Austin styling received a face-lift in 1937 and again in 1939 when the alligator bonnet models came in with a larger, 900 cc, 8 hp power motor. Although the new model Austin 8 looked different from the popular hardy little Austin 7, the image remained the same – solid and well finished cars of great durability.

4 cylinder, side-valve, 8 hp, 900 cc, Girling brakes.


cars A 004This car is the last of several specials built by the late Bob Wright. Bob raced at Brooklands in the U.K. and was also a prominent performer at the Muriwai Beach races in the late 1920’s and meticulous in everything he did – as is shown in this nearly finished example. During the 1950’s Aston Martin cars won many international racing events.

6 cylinders, twin ohc, 84 mm bore, 90 mm stroke, 2992 cc, 5-speed shaft, independent front link, de Dion rear axle.